Monday, February 16, 2009

Am I a Year Rounder ??

Hi Can't really call this a ride… but the weather here in Ontario has been just great… I managed to get out on the bike for three day straight…. total of 75 Miles… considering the temp was average around – 5 degrees Celsius  not to bad. Snow is mostly all gone.

The Rounders are men and women who enjoy their motorcycles so much they ride them year round. The group was founded by a bunch of Mid-Westerners (inspired by a Kook on the East Coast) who ride them even when the temps are below freezing or above hot. The object of becoming a Rounder is to have fun, promote safe, responsible motorcycle use on a regular basis for as much of the year as you can. In the spirit of fun we have concocted the following levels of Rounderhood following the Fahrenheit temp scale:

  • 100's+ Red Hot Rounder
  • 90's Sweating Rounder
  • 80's Half Baked Rounder
  • 70's - R&R (Rounder Relaxing)
  • 60's -Jr. Rounder (Just Riding)
  • 50's - LOTF Rounder (Looking Over The Fence)
  • 40's - FOTF Rounder (Fringe of the Fringe)
  • 30's - Half Rounder
  • 20's - TQ Rounder (Three Quarts)
  • 0-20 - Rounder
  • Sub Zero - KHOF Rounder (Kook Hall of Fame)

Members can proclaim themselves to be in the various categories based on the truthful telling of their riding conditions. If you lie, then a pox be upon you and may your valves need constant adjustment.

To be a True Rounder, you have to ride every month of the year.

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